Pro Vocal Effects and Looping

Capture your creativity and share it with the world right from your iPad.

The perfect tool for any vocalist - whether exploring a musical idea, recording in a studio, or playing live.

Voice Jam Studio is the world’s most powerful vocal effects processor and looping app - a springboard for your creativity.

This is your vocal studio. You can bring it anywhere.

Transform your voice

Bold professional vocal effects.

At the heart of Voice Jam Studio are 50 presets. Each delivers a different vocal sound - from enhancing your natural vocal character to transforming your voice so that you can create bass lines, drum sounds, melodic passages, harmonies, and special effects. These have been authored using renowned TC-Helicon vocal effects including:

  • Chorus
  • Flange
  • Transducer
  • Distortion
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Echo
  • Doubling
  • Micromod
  • Hardtune
  • Pitch correction
  • Gender bending

Produce powerful loops

Build out your ideas from sketch to full composition.

Record up to 4 fully independent stereo loop tracks(expandable to 8 track with option In-App Purchases), with up to 8 minutes per loop. And with four levels of undo and redo per track, you can swipe between them to correct past mistakes or compare takes.

4 Looping Modes...

Beat Sync
All loops set to Beat Sync will have all actions quantized to the nearest beat. Loops won’t necessarily be synchronized to each other, but will always stay in sync with respect to the metronome.

Loop Sync
All loops in the Loop Sync group will act on loop boundaries. This means all track set to loop syncs will be guaranteed to be in sync with each other.

Only one loop within a serial group can play/record at a time. This is great for building music structure.

Unlock tempo synchronization for a loop if you'd like to play it rapidly like a sampler, or scrub it, or record a loop that loops to the beat of its own drum.

Connect and Integrate

Use standalone, or with other audio apps and devices.

VoiceJam Studio takes you to the leading edge of looping with the ability to connect with other apps through Apple Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and AudioCopy. It also synchronizes to external MIDI devices connected to the iPad. With optional In-App Purchase for "External Control" you can take full advantage of VoiceJam Studio's MIDI capabilities - Loop hands free, or integrate with your keyboard rig.

This means that you can choose your favorite drum app to start your beat, go to your guitar app to lay down your chords, and stream all of this into Voice Jam Studio to continue to build more depth into your performance.

Let the world be your stage

Capture and share your creativity right from your iPad.

Enable the integrated video capture feature to share your music video directly with your friends, your fans, and the world via Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud. You can even capture your real-time production decisions and looping actions.

Discover a deeper level of features

Voice Jam Studio offers a deep set of features and controls that give you plenty of options for enhancing your performance in real-time.

Are you ready?

Are you on Android?

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