Voice Jam Studio Support

Below you will find videos to help you get started and to go even deeper and discover more of the great features built inside of Voice Jam Studio. Please also take a minute to look at our Frequently Asked Questions if you are looking for something more specific.

Understanding Controls

Having a closer look at the post-recording performances features that allow you to refine and finish your sound.

  • Mixer Controls
  • Automation
  • Volume Level
  • Stereo Pan
  • Filter
  • Filter Width

Walking through Voice Jam Studio

Here is the getting started and easy steps to creating your first looping performance in Voice Jam Studio.

  • Vocal effects
  • The metronome
  • Setting a loop
  • Using overdubs
  • Building tracks
  • Capturing video

Keeping your tracks synchronized

Having a deeper look into how your multiple track recordings stay in time with each other, especially when you have the ability to record loops that vary in length. Also, we will demonstrate the more advance options that you have when working with your wave forms.

  • The lock icon
  • Synchronizing tracks
  • Waveform Touch-mode
  • Undo/Redo mode
  • Scrub mode
  • One-shot mode